Crisis Averted? Nope. Crisis Continued.


February 1, 2013 by ebostick1212

This morning when I woke up and opened the window, was I greeted with the faint scent of orange blossoms?  Nope.  Did the aroma from my neighbor’s coffee pot drift up under my nose?  Also, nope.  Actually I was smacked in the face with the stench of putrifying garbage.

Here in, Sevilla, we are enduring a garbage man strike, much like the one that cropped up in Granada a few weeks ago…and I am lucky enough to live pretty close to one of those large communal dumpsters.

This was the early stage of the strike.  There is a lot more rubbish now.  Gross.

This was the early stage of the strike. There is a lot more rubbish now. Gross.

To me, this is another indication that the Spanish are crying out for help.  Garbage men have been working for months, and not getting paid, not to mention having those non-existent paychecks slashed.  As previously stated, unemployment is at an all-time high, and banks are kicking people out of their houses.  Who are the Spanish going to look to in this time of economic instability?

This guy?  

Mariano Rajoy, the newly(ish) elected president, and leader of the Partido Popular, a right winged group has recently come under fire.  Yesterday, a Spanish newspaper leaked records of people receiving money under the table’ so to speak.  The president’s name is on the list.  According to sources, he received money in envelopes for eleven years.  People in Spain are literally starving, and the president was hiding this?!

The distressing part of this is that there have been accusations of corruption for both of the main parties Partido Popular and PSOE, leaving the Spanish with no one to trust.

As with most economical crises, this will pass, but not without leaving scars.  The people my age are now referred to as the generación perdida, because so many of them are leaving the country.  Who is going to be left?

One would hope that at some point these problems get solved, especially the corruption, because, while the Spanish are a strong people, who have endured more than most, this is a tremendous amount of strain for a country.

Was this story even featured on the US news shows?  What are your opinions on The Crisis?

2 thoughts on “Crisis Averted? Nope. Crisis Continued.

  1. Josh says:

    We had more than 2300 tons of crap on our streets by the time the strike finished! It was awful! But totally understandable nonetheless– their salaries have been reduced by a further 2.5% after a previous cut of 5% two years ago AND their working hours have been increased! Taking the piss just a little bit I’d say!

    • ebostick1212 says:

      I agree! If ever there was a time to strike, it would be now. I understand the point of austerity measures, but it is a bit hypocritical that these politicians are sitting on their laurels while others suffer. Still….giant piles of garbage are not the most pleasant of things!

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