I Am the Spanish Housewife of Your Dreams


February 10, 2013 by ebostick1212

Spanish boyfriend or not, I know for a fact that I will grow up to be a Spanish housewife.  I don’t even need a husband, I know it’s going to happen.  Like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, or like a cat becomes….well, a bigger cat, I too am beginning my metamorphosis to Spanish housewife-hood.

It all began when laid eyes upon the little carts the grandmothers drag to and from the local shops each day.  These carritos are not a fashion accessory, but a necessity for bringing home the groceries.  I realized it was meant to be when I thought to myself ‘yeah, I totally need to get myself one of those.’    I long to join the troops of waddling abuelitas, trailing carts full of pan de pueblo, tins upon tins of pimentón and curved links of chorizo.

Then I realized how much I love doing things ‘the ole fashioned way’.  Do you know what I do on Fridays?  I have the entire day off, unlike my auxiliar colleagues from other schools, who make use of this day to travel, I spend it going to the bank and doing chores.  Often times I’ll make a guiso (stew) to freeze for the upcoming week. There is something so mindless about hanging the laundry in the sun, or stirring a pot of thick, soupy lentils, that I find super relaxing.

image (28)

My Handiwork

My Handiwork

Of course part of me, the hardened, ardent feminist part, tells me I should be out there, exploring the world and breaking the glass ceiling.  I often tell that part that I will get to it as soon as the laundry is done.  Sure, I want to be successful in my work life, and live life as strong, professional woman, but for right now I want to turn off my brain and mop the living room floor, ok?

I will soon complete this morphing process, and don the uniform of a middle aged Spanish housewives: terry cloth slippers, a headset of curlers, and a full length cleaning smock.  My boyfriend is a very lucky man.

12 thoughts on “I Am the Spanish Housewife of Your Dreams

  1. Deb says:

    I so enjoy your blog…….keep it coming. Deb

  2. Yishy says:

    Is that a FRIED EGG on the pulley bag thing (can you tell.. I’m so not housewife material haha)? That’s amazing. 😉

  3. izzih says:

    I think you can be a feminist and a housewife! There is nothing anti-feminist in taking pride in your home and taking the time and effort to make food from scratch. Those lentils look delicious!

  4. Lol. Great post. I also gotten accustomed to seeing those carritos everyday and even thought to get one for myself. Actually they have some ‘funky’ ones in some shops. The ‘trendy’ version I suppose. I also made one of those lentils and chorizo stews. My gang loves it! 🙂

    • ebostick1212 says:

      Honestly, I don’t know how trendy a carrito can get, haha. Still probably looks better than me sweating while hauling my grocery bags home! The lentil stew is a go to meal for me. So simple, but delicious….still, I think I’ll need to switch lentil types as the kind I use have been coming out hard.

  5. jenniferamb says:

    I feel the same way! I love using my carrito and walking to the grocery store. I use those old-fashioned kettles here to make my coffee and cook all the time. And I actually feel weird not wearing my house slippers nowadays. I so want to be a badass Spanish abuela one day. They’re so good at everything they do.

    • ebostick1212 says:

      Someone once said they want to grow up to be an old Spanish man, but I can´t see me doing it. I wouldn´t be good at going to the bar and brooding over my tinto. I am too much of a busybody! I feel weird without slippers, too! I am slowly but surely making progress to becoming an abuela…have any pointers? 😛

      • jenniferamb says:

        I like the old Spanish men for their elbow patches and the way they’re always huddled together in conversation. While their wives are all over the place, the men have their same street corner or bench to meet up with friends, same bar to brood and smoke… One thing I’ve noticed about the old women is that they’re usually super stoic in the street—alone and on a mission—but at home they’re always on the phone, having people over, shouting and laughing. Anyway, I don’t have any pointers just yet, but we’ll make progress I’m sure, haha 🙂

  6. Josh says:

    I used my housemate’s carrito once and got jeered at by teenagers on BMXs on my way home. Maybe I should accessorise it with cool stickers and shit.

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