A Manic Mexican Night–A Restaurant Review

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April 13, 2013 by ebostick1212

Source: Yelp

Source: Yelp

If you are a tourist passing through Sevilla, you’ll most likely be hitting the famous tapas bars. However, after being here for eight months, there are only so many tapas I can take. I love espinacas con garbanzos and carrillada just as much as the next person, but a few weeks back I needed a change. I mean, why else go to a Mexican restaurant when in Spain?

I heard from a couple other auxiliars that Amor A La Mexicana was the place to go for Mexican food in Sevilla….so of course I thought, why not?

After searching for this place for almost an hour (it is referred to as la cantina escondida, or hidden cantina, so this shouldn’t have surprised us), my friends and I finally arrived as a good American always does….a little bit early. We looked in on an empty restaurant, as the owner told us they were closed for another fifteen minutes, and we should come back then.

Vale, no pasa nada, we could go get a drink at the bar next door and come back.

We returned rather punctually, as we were starving, and craving Mexican food like fiends. Again we looked in on the completely empty restaurant, psyched to grab a seat and see the menu.

‘¿Tiene reserva?’ ‘Do you have a reservation?’ the same owner asked.

Umm…why didn’t he mention reservations twenty minutes ago when we first showed up?

As I peeked in on the restaurant, nary a soul in sight, I must have had a questionable look on my face because he offered up his explanation. Apparently the restaurant was fully booked for 10 o’ clock.

He must have underestimated the rapidity with which an American can eat, because I viewed an hour as plenty of time to eat, and even have a couple glasses of wine. While I do enjoy lingering over a delicious meal, I can also eat with conviction, if need be.

‘Trust me, we can be out of your hair in an hour.’

We sat down, and the owner/ waiter proceeded to suggest dishes to us. Most likely the dishes that they could make the fastest, because once we ordered those plates were on our table within minutes. It was with lightning speed they brought out the starters, and main courses. We didn’t dare ask for dessert, as the busboys were lingering behind us, ready to pounce as soon as we took our last bite. I was tempted to order another round of food, just for a laugh. They were ready for us to go. With that, we packed up our things and left before they could shoo us out.

That being said, the food really was delicious. I can’t remember what I had, because I didn’t order it, he suggested it to me, but it was something with tomatillo sauce. I loved that there were spicy salsas on the table, something I’ve missed since the Spanish tend to have delicate taste buds.

I definitely will go back, because it is a great casual restaurant. It won’t break the bank, and is perfect for the auxiliar’s budget. Oftentimes, we as auxiliars feel like we can’t eat anywhere but tapas bars, because restaurants tend to be expensive, but this place is right in our price range. One could have a good night out, and not wake up the next day feeling bad for spending 30 euros on a meal.

So, I do plan on going back…I will just remember to make a reservation next time.

Amor a la Mexicana is in Alfalfa, at Calle Francos, 14. It is open Monday through Saturday 1 PM to 12 AM

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