I´m Sorry That I Cheated on You, Graeter´s!


May 4, 2013 by ebostick1212

As the mercury rises here in Sevilla, the odd treat has shifted from being a hot cup of coffee and slice of cake, to something more refrescante.

Normally, I am not an ice cream person.  I’ll pass on any chocolate or vanilla, for something salty.  However, there is one exception.

Some of my favorite childhood memories include hopping into a sweltering car with my grandfather, and taking the short ride down to the now famous traditional ice cream parlor in Columbus, OH, called Graeter’s.  I would always get the same thing, a small black raspberry chocolate chip cone.  I vividly remember desperately trying to eat it fast enough, as it would always start to melt all over my hands.  Even now, when I go back to Columbus to visit my grandmother, I have to go have a black raspberry chocolate chip.

Delicious memories. (source: Falling for Louisville)

Delicious memories.
(source: Falling for Louisville)

Now, the weather has gone from chilly to scorching here, and I find myself craving something cool and creamy.  The other day, I had a meeting near Las Setas, and on my way to the bus, I saw that Rayas, a local ice cream shop, was open and busy.  I had only heard good things about this place, so I thought ‘what the hell, I’ll go try it…but it won’t stack up next to Graeter’s.

I was wrong.  My old standby has some real competition.  My cup of menta con chocolate was some of the creamiest, smoothest ice cream I have ever eaten.  It was almost like my old favorite.  It seems like they use the same method, because the chocolate wasn’t in waxy chip form, there were random (and sometimes huge) chunks of real dark chocolate mixed in. For a moment, I was shot back that sweltering car, gobbling up ice cream with my grandpa.

An equally delicious new memory from Rayas.

An equally delicious new memory from Rayas.

While Graeter’s will always hold a special place in my heart, Rayas was a delicious alternative.  While I currently live in, and blog about Spain, I am going to offer two recommendations here.  If you find yourself in Columbus, Ohio, head out to Graeter’s .  You can even order their ice cream online, now.  If you find yourself in Sevilla, especially in the spring or summer, go find Rayas.  With both of these places, I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

Graeter´s has locations all over the Midwest, but my favorite is located at 1534 West Lane Avenue, Columbus, OH 43221

Rayas has two locations in Sevilla, one at Calle San Pablo, 45, and another at Calle Almirante Apodaca,1

3 thoughts on “I´m Sorry That I Cheated on You, Graeter´s!

  1. trishagale says:

    Delicious pictures. I wish I had read this before I left Sevilla! A good excuse to return!

  2. That looks so delicious!

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